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Bregenz Festival 2013 | 2014



per unit:

  • HBC geox radio transmission system
  • 4x 260Ah batteries
  • 2x Mean Well TS-3000 inverters
  • 2x hydraulic pumps @ 3kW


  • Eaton Easy Control system
  • CG Drives & Automation EN 81-1 inverter system
  • SEW drive 15kW
  • Max. speed 1m/s



  • Concept development
  • Project planning
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Operation manuals
  • Safety assessment EN 13849 and ÖNORM 9630-1

Software development

  • PLC programming

Control installation

  • Control cabinet construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning of machines on site

Plant handover

  • Training


Short project description:

We handled the entire automation of the floating stage for the Bregenz Festival. The project was commissioned by Ludwig Steurer Maschinen und Seilbahnbau GmbH & Co KG in Doren and by the Bregenzer Festspiele GmbH.
The project contained two separate assembly sections – the 360° rotatable cupola and the carousel that comprised two underwater carriages.

The carousel consists of two carriages that move along an underwater rail system.
The drive system is based on a hydraulic motor that is also located underwater. The loading platform is moved up and down using a hydraulic lift table.

The underwater carriages are powered by batteries that are recharged backstage as needed. Communication between the operating panel and the carriages takes place via a secure HBC radio transmission system.
The control cabinet, the batteries and the hydraulic pumps are located in a waterproof casing and are lowered below the surface of the water during performances.
The cupola is a 360° rotatable assembly section that may be positioned variably. Activation is performed by a CG Drives & Automation inverter. The rotary drive has a performance capacity of 15kW, with a variably adjustable rotation speed of max. 1m/s.

The project was implemented over a five-month period (January – May).