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⬍ Current Picture of the sea stage of Bregenz
sea stage of Bregenz
⬍ ASFINAG shaft access system in the Pfänder Tunnel

The shaft access system of the Pfänder Tunnel dates back to the 1980s and has not been upgraded since. Between January and April 2014, the control system of the shaft access was completely refurbished on behalf of ASFINAG Alpenstrassen GmbH. In case of an emergency, rescue operations may be performed using the shaft access, which also serves to inspect the air supply and ventilation shafts in the tunnel. The two access facilities are 320m and 260m long respectively and are used with speeds of 0.5m/s. More information on this project...


⬍ Factwork company software

Recently, the company software Factwork  of F.EE GmbH Informatik + Systeme was integrated into our network. Factwork is a software solution for everyday use within businesses. Steuerungstechnik Beck uses this programme for all aspects of project handling, controlling and planning (EPLAN).

⬍ Solar collector manufacturing line

CURRENT NEWS: Solar collector manufacturing line

The manufacturing line for the production of what is currently the most efficient solar collector available on the global market was handed over to the Hoval company in Vaduz. Together with our partner go!nnovate from Liechtenstein we were able to master this challenge with panache!

During the manufacturing process of this sun collector, different technologies such as gluing and laser welding are used.
More information on this process ...