We control the things you move.

Control systems for the mechanical and plant engineering industry. Creative solutions for industry and trade.

Our employees make all the difference.

A shared understanding of the values and rules that govern our day-to-day business and the way we interact lies at the basis of everything we do. The knowledge that we are able to rely on each other in any situation and the ability to anticipate our co-workers’ reactions to different business situations is a great help in coping with the daily pressures of project business.

For you as a customer, this means that you can count on an outstanding level of reliability and the feeling of being in safe hands.

All our control engineers have a sound technical background (higher technical college, uni-versity of applied sciences or university of technology) and are fully integrated in our customers’ projects from the word go.  


Our project managers have proved their ability to solve even highly complex puzzles over and over again and thus approach projects with the out-standing technical confidence that our customers expect.

Each of our project managers is fully responsible for his projects and integrates colleagues and partners in the provision of services as agreed. He is the highest authority both for internal and external queries and in all situations where unexpected challenges require special solutions.

STB Team
⬍ Management
Alfred Beck, Management

Alfred Beck
, Management
T +43 5512 264 44 11 | alfred.beck@stb-beck.at

⬍ Head of Control Engineering
Andreas Bechter, Head of Control Engineering

Ing. Andreas Bechter,
Head of Control Engineering
T +43 5512 264 44 13 | andreas.bechter@stb-beck.at

⬍ Control Engineering


Andreas Moll, Control Engineer
T +43 5512 264 44 15 | andreas.moll@stb-beck.at


Simon Brunn, Control Engineer
T +43 5512 264 44 17 | simon.brunn@stb-beck.at


Jürgen Pfanner, Steuerungstechniker
T +43 5512 264 44 16 | juergen.pfanner@stb-beck.at



Tobias Metzler, Steuerungstechniker
T +43 5512 264 44     | tobias.metzler@stb-beck.at

⬍ Administration

Lucia Beck
, Administration
T +43 5512 264 44 14

Sigrid Krämer-Eugster, Administration
T +43 5512 264 44 14 | sigrid.kraemer-eugster@stb-beck.at